More businesses than ever are using the cloud, and considering the fact that the world has been ravaged by a pandemic for well over the past year, it’s no wonder that this has happened. Still, well before COVID-19 flipped the workplace on its head, there was major change happening in the way companies utilized the cloud. All of this progress toward the cloud, however, has not diminished the importance or desire for on-site data centers. Let’s investigate this phenomenon.

A study by Enterprise Management Associates on behalf of Pluribus Research took a look at 263 data center infrastructure professionals in North America and Europe and found some surprising results. According to the study, cloud deployment is not necessarily the primary way that businesses host their data. The cloud is used primarily as a supplementary method with the primary way being on-site hosting. On that note, internal IT networks are also growing ever larger.

Why Host In-House?

There are several reasons for businesses to host their data or applications in-house rather than in the cloud. Some of them outlined in the survey are as follows:

  • Security: 48%
  • Performance: 40%
  • Compliance: 37%
  • Cost: 29%

Notable Obstacles

All of this said, there are bound to be complications when you consider both your in-house infrastructure and a cloud-based one. Here are some of the biggest hiccups that companies run into with this:

  • Network architecture complexity: 43%
  • Network operations complexity: 40%
  • Application architecture complexity: 32%

The Solution

These numbers represent the fact that complexity is a major pain point for the implementation of networking assets, in-house or in the cloud, for any IT infrastructure. Therefore, we urge you to work with only the most knowledgeable technicians who you are confident actually know their stuff. The solution to this is simple: work with the trusted IT professionals at Netconex!

If your company is having trouble with the deployment or implementation of new IT resources, Netconex can help you by discussing the latest tech trends and how they impact small businesses. We’ll work with your company to find the best solution for your specific needs. To learn more, reach out to us at 717-295-7630.

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