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How fragile is your business? It’s a question every business owner has to ask. It may seem like it is solid, but when that thing happens, will you be able to react and respond?  It’s important to have a strategy to fix the ills and get back in action quickly. 

In order to do so, you will need a very specific and detailed plan in place that will allow you to maintain control over all of the facets of your business. This is what is known as a business continuity plan.

At Netconex, we know just how important it is to avoid downtime. We also know that, by and large, it is extremely difficult. Any number of problems could arise that would take your business down for a time, and make no mistake, when an element of your business isn’t working, your whole business suffers. That’s why it is important to build comprehensive situational plans to combat a lack of continuity. 

Continuity Planning

Expert Continuity Planning Can Keep Your Business Running, Regardless of the Situation

At Netconex, we work with businesses every day and without a doubt, the most glaring weakness for many of them is what happens when part of their business falters. Many businesses simply don’t have the requisite continuity plan in place to approach negative circumstances with the confidence needed to remedy the situation and get operations back on track.

Our consultants optimize continuity planning to focus on your business’ most important goals, while also providing advice on how to put together a comprehensive plan that properly manages risk and can quickly assuage your business’ potential problems to restore operations, fast. Our method is built on industry best practices and the experience of working directly with businesses on their continuity strategies.

Our expert consultants will not only help you concoct a comprehensive business continuity plan, we will also work with organizations that don’t already have an in-house continuity officer to appoint and train one. Working with Netconex, this officer will lead any continuity problems your business may have, giving your organization the complete coverage it needs to mitigate any threats to continuity.

Our business continuity consulting service includes the following services:

  • Risk assessment – We look at your business and find the inherent and potential risks to your business’ continuity in your IT, your operations, and your support staff. 
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – We work with you to identify the possible impacts of a business interruption. Essentially, it is a full assessment of risks your business faces and what the impact would be if those risks came to fruition.
  • Continuity consultation – Once the risks are identified and the impacts are weighed, our professional consultants will help you make the changes that are necessary to help your organization build continuity, regardless of the circumstances. We can help you identify what needs to be secured under a disaster recovery plan, how to implement business continuity, and much more.
  • Establish roles – We will help you assign a continuity officer and determine the roles and responsibilities for other members of your staff. A comprehensive business continuity plan is worthless if the people assigned to act, don’t.
  • Deployment and testing – In order to ensure that the plan will work, it needs to be tested. Our expert technicians will help train assigned personnel and then test them to ensure that they are up to the task of performing continuity-based responsibilities. 

With threats to your business’ continuity more abundant than ever, you need to ensure that you have the answers should one of those threats become reality. If you are ready to put together a thorough business continuity plan that could potentially save your business, look no further than the professionals at Netconex. For more information give us a call today at 717-295-7630.


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